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Hircine Clan

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Hircine Clan

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Clan Name | Hircine
Founder | Artos Hircine
Home Village | Suna
History | Hircine is a shinobi clan that rose to prominence half a century ago. The first Hircine, Artos was a Mercenary-shinobi in service of Suna, heavily frowned upon by others due to his common birth and unsavory status as a sellsword that pledged his skills to the highest bidder. Until one autumn 50 years ago, when he saved the Fifth Kazekage during the battle of the Gray Waste but lost a leg, an eye, and his wolf companion, Graymane in the effort.  As a reward, Gaara gave him a lordship with lands and a keep within the village walls and also took Artos's firstborn son under his wing. In the following years, Artos's descendants established the clan as one of the most powerful in Sunagakure and the shinobi world.  Yet despite all that, other, older clans, whose lines trace back hundreds of years still consider them to be nothing more than start-ups. Members of the clan are known to be ferocious fighters, bound by honor and loyalty.

Despite the honorable ways of the Clan, there are rogue members roaming the world. The story goes back a generation ago when Artos's grandson from his second son and cousin to the Clan head felt the Hircine Clan was nothing but tamed dogs to their human masters. Those who agreed with him rejected the authority of the Shinobi villages and declared their independence. This defiance led to a battle between the two factions of the clan that later came to be known as Blood's Honor, ending with heavy casualties for both sides but with the Main House's victory. The remnants of the rogues escaped in the mountains of Suna. They subsisted by raiding local villages, small groups of travelers and will attack even the Kage if he is not properly protected. They take all weapons, grain, and armor they can find, as well as all women.

Distinctive characteristics| The Hircine look consists of a long face, a lean build, dark brown hair and gray eyes.
Joining Requirements| Suna or Missing-nin.

Clan Bloodline | Moonlight Tales (Gekkō Monogatari)

This is an artificial bloodline where the user utilizes the blood of the beast and transforms into a werewolf. The hunched wolf stands at 7 feet tall on its prolonged legs. While in the beast form the user gets 6 inches long claws and fangs with sharpness equal to speed. Additionally buff in Speed and STR [+10] and a permanent +15 to RT due to the enhanced senses of the animal they transform after. However, the bestial claws and fangs hinder the user when performs precise acts such as the casting of hand seals and can do it at half his speed.

Transformation lasts for 10 posts and requires a cooldown of 5 posts if the full duration is reached. If the transformation is held for less than 5 posts then the cooldown equals to the number of turns used. The first time, this transformation occurs, the werewolf has no control over his mind and goes in a berserk state, attacking friends and foes alike. The decent amount of 1500 words has to be spent learning the mechanics of the transformation and revert back into a human.

There are essentially three types of werewolves: Alpha, Beta and Omega werewolf. The members of a pack are called Beta and the rogue ones called Omega. The most common werewolves are the Beta and their characteristics in transformation are usually brown fur and yellow eyes but there are also those with blue eyes. The latter occurs when the werewolf in question has suffered a tragedy in the past - this is not cosmetic effect and allows for a bloodline unique technique they can learn (TBA). The Omega has jade green eyes and dark gray fur during his bestial form.

The Alpha werewolf is essentially the pack leader and there can only be three active RPCs. In this form, the user has deep red eyes and darker than black fur. He is also larger than the common werewolf standing at 7,5 feet tall. He gets the same stat boost as the other werewolf but he can utilize a variety of new abilities (TBA). The most prominent of them is that he can transfer this KKG in a form of disease or curse to another person who is not born into the clan, provided that he drinks his blood and the ritual is actually successful (Coin Flip).

Perks | Predatoric Sense

After the first Lycan transformation, the user has now advanced senses even in human form. This means you can now hear, see and smell things far beyond normal human capabilities. This works similar to chakra sensory. All scents and sounds can now be detected up to 40 meters away in human form, 70 meters away in werewolf form and 100 meters away in Alpha form. Lycans can memorize someone's scent so they can recognize them within the previously mentioned ranges becoming familiar with their scent."

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