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Uzumaki (Test)

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Uzumaki (Test)

Post by Kos on Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:03 pm

Name| Uzumaki Clan
Location| Scattered
History| The Uzumaki, being descendants of Asura Otsutsuki, also shared distant blood relation with the Senju clan. Through the years, the Uzumaki and Senju kept close ties, with members at times marrying between clans, as with Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki. Following the founding of Konohagakure at the end of the Warring States Period, the Senju chose to symbolize their clans' friendship by adding the Uzumaki's emblem to Konoha's flak jackets. Konoha and the Uzumaki's own Uzushiogakure remained close allies over the following decades, with the Uzumaki providing Fuinjutsu (among other things) to Konoha whenever there was a need. In time, the Uzumaki Clan's Mask Storage Temple was even constructed on Konoha's outskirts.

The Uzumaki's skill with Fuinjutsu earned them both respect and fear throughout the ninja world. At some point, after Kushina Uzumaki immigrated to Konoha, some of the world's nations banded together to destroy Uzushiogakure, believing the village was too powerful to be allowed to continue. The survivors of Uzushio's destruction went into hiding and spread throughout the world.

Distinctive Characteristics| Members of the Uzumaki clan generally possess red hair, although it is possible for them to have other hair colors, albeit rarely.
Requirements| NA

Kekkei Genkai |Vitality

The Uzumaki naturally possess incredibly strong life forces, granting members of the clan extremely long life spans, as evidenced by Mito Uzumaki, who was born before the founding of Konoha yet lived well into the reign of the Third Hokage. Due to this unique trait Uzumaki are able to heal from minor wounds such as cuts, bruises, and scrapes in a matter of minutes (this is only for minor and superficial wounds), it even allows them to recover from exhaustion at a much faster rate than most people. The life force of an Uzumaki is so great that they are even able to survive the removal of tailed beasts, something that results in the immediate death of a non-Uzumaki, although they are still left near death afterward and require healing to ensure they do not die. The incredible life force that the Uzumaki clan possess also results in members of the clan possessing immense reserves of chakra compared to non-Uzumaki (passive +20 chakra).

Perks | Uzumaki Sealing Style

The Uzumaki are renowned throughout the elemental nations for their skills in the art of Fuinjutsu, they are so skilled in the art that the clan has long since developed their own unique sealing style. This style can be recognized by the fact that a spiral crest (provided the technique is a true seal), reminiscent of the Uzumaki Symbol, will appear in the center of any seal used by someone using this style. The Uzumaki Sealing Style gives a +25 bonus to the power and speed of any Fuinjutsu used by the user (including techniques that use multiple specs, such as the Adamantine Sealing Chains, Fuinjutsu simply needs to be one of those specs to receive this buff)

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